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Philip J. Skerry

Alfred Hitchcock and the cinema grew up together. Born in 1899, four years after the first official film showing in Paris, Hitchcock demonstrated an early fascination with the new art of the cinema. He entered the film industry in 1920, and by 1925, he had directed his first feature-length film, The Pleasure Garden. His subsequent film career paralleled the phenomenal growth of the film industry during the years 1925-1976, the year of his last film. In the same way, Hitchcocks films are consonant with the revolutionary theories in the fields of physics and cosmology that were transforming the twentieth century, personified by the genius of Albert Einstein.

Philip Skerrys book applies the theories of dark energy, entropy, black holes, and quantum mechanics to Hitchcocks technological genius and camera aesthetics, helping to explain the concept of pure cinema and providing verification for its remarkable power. Including interviews with influential physicists, this study opens up new ways of analyzing Hitchcocks art.

02.04.2020 · Dark Energy is a form of energy that naturally permeates all space throughout the universe. It is normally unable to be detected by conventional means, and indeed its existence was considered purely theoretical in the early 21st century. On large scales, it opposes the force of gravity, causing The dark-energy deniers – Physics World

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Dark energy is the mysterious force that physicists believe is pushing galaxies apart and causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

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Dark energy is an enigmatic phenomenon that acts in opposition to gravity and is responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe. Though dark energy constitutes three-fourths of the What Is Dark Energy? - ScienceAlert

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Whereas dark energy is seventy four percent of the total mass of the universe and dark energy pushes or repels all the visible matter of the universe. They both are mysterious forces which the scientists are unable to find and research about. When scientists were studying about cosmic space they saw that the universe is expanding and after

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Dark energy, repulsive force that is the dominant component (69.4 percent) of the universe. The remaining portion of the universe consists of ordinary matter and dark matter. Dark energy, in contrast to both forms of matter, is relatively uniform in time and space and is gravitationally repulsive, not attractive, within the volume it occupies What Is Dark Energy? | Live Science

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Dunkle Energie – Wikipedia