Applications of Continuous and Steady-State Methods to Root Biology.pdf

Applications of Continuous and Steady-State Methods to Root Biology PDF

This book provides an excellent illustration of the interrelationship between progress in scientific methodology and conceptual advances, and its publica­ tion should contribute to further advances. It is well known that major advances in understanding often follow the development of new methods. The development of the acetylene reduction assay for nitrogenase activity provides a good example of this interrelationship between theory and methods. Theoretical knowledge led to a search for substrates for nitro­ genase that could be assayed for more easily than ammonium, the normal product of the enzyme. The discovery of the reduction of acetylene to ethylene by nitrogenase provided the ideal answer to the problem by provid­ ing a rapid, specific, nondestructive, and inexpensive assay for nitrogenase activity. This assay is now used by almost every laboratory doing research on nitrogen fixation. However, further use and development of the acetylene reduction assay has shown that it can underestimate nitrogenase activity and can even give incorrect relative values under some circumstances. The major problem is that exposure of legume nodules to acetylene can cause a large increase in the resistance to oxygen diffusion into the nodule. This reduced supply of oxygen decreases the rate of nitrogenase activity within a few minutes.

On the approximation of continuous dispersal … Methods that do not create outcomes that tend towards the continuous process that they are supposed to approximate will produce an artefact of approximation and may bias the interpretation of such results. Except at very fine scale resolutions, we have shown here that centroid‐to‐centroid and area‐to‐centroid dispersal do not exhibit

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Applications of Continuous and Steady-State Methods to Root Biology.pdf


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Math 336 does not cover discrete methods (genetics, DNA sequenc- ... 3.3.1 Steady State for Laplace Equation on Some Simple Domains . ... systems of difference equations and for applications to molecular evolution, phylogenetic trees, ... By definition, a steady state or equilibrium5 is any root of the algebraic equation. Techniques for the Steady State Simulation ... System Dynamics and Discrete Event Simulation ... Application: A pilot run was made of a model, observations numbered 150, the mean was 205.74 minutes and ... and standard deviation equal to standard deviation of the population divided by the square root of sample size n.

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18 Jun 2012 ... The application of mathematical modelling to molecular cell biology is not a new endeavour; ... Some basic methods for analysis and simulation are described. ... a persistent operating state, called a steady state; some systems ... continuous changes in concentration: individual reaction events cause ...

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Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone 1. 4 Hours. 4 Hours. Requires students to select a project requiring design and implementation of an electrical, electronic, and/or software system, form a team to carry out the project, and submit and present a detailed proposal for the work. Mini-lysimeters to monitor transpiration and control ...

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Frontiers | Customized Steady-State Constraints … Ordinary differential equation models have become a wide-spread approach to analyze dynamical systems and understand underlying mechanisms. Model parameters are often unknown and have to be estimated from experimental data, e.g., by maximum-likelihood estimation. In particular, models of biological systems contain a large number of parameters.

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Author summary Quantifying the Waddington landscape of cell differentiation from high throughput data is a challenging problem in systems biology and biophysics. Here, we propose a theoretical method named LDD (Landscape of Differentiation Dynamics), which builds cell potentials and constructs their differentiation landscape by a continuous birth-death process …